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March 2, 2010

How Do I Get Traffic to My Site? From Search Engines. Traffic Ultimatum

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Part 1. Traffic From Search Engines

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Let’s start with the most basic and arguably the most important — traffic from search engines.

Search Engine Traffic Is the Cheapest and Best

Far and away, the least expensive traffic you’ll ever have to your site will come through the “natural” or “organic” search results on Google or Yahoo. To get traffic to your site for the search words or keywords that are important to your organization, you need to do what is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Fortunately, this is something that the average small business owner or staff person can do himself or herself. Yes, it takes time and knowledge. But it doesn’t have to take much money — that is, unless you are trying to rank high for very competitive keywords.

SEO has two parts, each equally important: (1) webpage optimization and (2) getting links back to your website.

1. Webpage Optimization

Basically, webpage optimization involves setting up each of your webpages so that it can be easily “understood” and indexed by the search engine robots or “spiders” that come calling.

Each webpage (except your homepage, of course) should be clearly focused on just a single topic. The more focused the better. Then you give the search engines spiders clues to the nature of this focus. The strategy is to use the main keywords for that page in the title tag, description metatag, headline or subheadings, and in your body text. You don’t stuff keywords everywhere; just make sure that you’re leaving a clear trail of clues as to the content. But webpage optimization is just half of the equation. The other half, and the harder task, is getting …

2. Incoming Links to Your Site

Search engine ranking formulas, known as “algorithms,” rank sites higher the more links they have that point to their website. Links are considered a kind of recommendation that a site is relevant, worth visiting. But getting links from sites that Google considers trustworthy isn’t easy. Start by submitting your site to various directories. Provide great content on your site that is worth linking to. Write articles that others would want to host on their sites, each with a link back to yours. Some use blogging to get links. Perhaps the most difficult approach is to exchange links with websites in your industry, called “reciprocal linking.” It is inexpensive, but takes patience and constant work.

Search engine optimization will take several months to get traffic flowing well, but don’t skip this step just because you’re in a hurry. I consider SEO the essential foundation for Internet marketing. It’s well worth the time you spend optimizing your website or the money you spend.

But SEO by itself may not get you enough traffic, at least not right away. You’ll probably need to build on SEO with the next step, Pay Per Click Advertising, also known as Paid Search Advertising, which we’ll consider in the next page Traffic from paid search ads.

Of course, you’ll need more than just this brief introduction before you begin paid search advertising, but I hope I’ve whetted your appetite.

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